" The planet is formed of rock, created by the forces of nature: the wind, the rain and fire. This has created authentic works of art, stone sculptures whose forms and beauty have enchanted man for tens of thousands of years."
- Lightweight
- Fire resistant
- zero flame spread
- zero smoke contribution
- Impact strength of 8,0 to 8,8 ft . lb. / in
- Flexural strength of 4000 psi
- Quick installation
The tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM E136 - 94A " Standard Test Method for Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Tube Furnace at 750* C."
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Travertino Stone Niches
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Travertino Classico
Recessed or Surface Mount Wall Niches.
Hand made out of fiber reinforced architectural gyp-cem for indoor, or Forton MG for outdoor use.
The Classic Travertine look creates a great wall decoration for any home  design.
Travertino Romantico
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niche spec.
15 minutes from Phoenix or Scottsdale.
127 W. Juanita Ave. Suite 105.
Mesa Arizona 85210
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